The books everyone should read…..

Imagine you’re in charge of picking the books pupils in s1, s2 and s3 study in school. What would you pick? And why?


6 thoughts on “The books everyone should read…..

  1. s1: Anthony Horowitz, Stormbreaker

    It is exciting and fast moving, both boys and girls seem to like it and people who say they don’t like reading enjoy it!


    s2: Cathy MacPhail, Grass

    Lots of issues which young people can relate to – gang violence, loyalty to your friends, doing the ‘right’ thing. Set in Scotland too.


    s3: Malorie Blackman, Noughts and Crosses

    Great book about race, power, and conflict

    Noughts and Crosses

  2. diary of a wimpy kidI think 1st years should read diary of a wimpy kid because i don’t know anyone who has read it and does not like it.

    divided cityI think 2nd years should read divided city because they are old enough to realise problems that are happening around us.

    lord of the fliesI also think 3rd Years should read lord of the flies because I know people who have read it and think that it is a great book that people would recommend

  3. S1: Teresa Flavin, The Blackhope Enigma
    Really breathtaking and artistic in every way. You feel like one of the characters in the book.

    S2: Roddy Doyle, A Greyhound of a Girl
    Really amazing. Absolutely astounding in every chapter.

    S3: Lisa McMann, Dead to You
    It’s an amazing book. The cover and the storyline makes you want to read it over and over again.

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