Daily Prompt: Bookworms

Daily Prompt: Bookworms.

Great idea here – grab the nearest book, and find the 10th word. Do a Google image search of this word and post about what the picture brings to mind.


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Bookworms

  1. Nearest book to me is Barry Hutchison, The Book of Doom.
    Begins ‘Yes, Gabriel, what is it?’ ‘I bring news, sir’.

    10th word is NEWS

    Google image show this


    which is a link to a story about UFOS, even though I think it looks more like a giant cloud…….

  2. Nearest book to me is Suzanne LaFleur, Listening for Lucca (I have updated the review of her book on my page ) 10th word is THINGS

    Google image shows –

    Which is a link describing a shop in Iowa that sold ‘Things,Things, and Things’ ( Also the name of the shop)

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